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Ayuntamiento de Alozaina  •  • 952 480 013

Ayuntamiento de Alozaina

Alozaina. Vista General
Alozaina. El Pueblo
Alozaina Panorámica
Alozaina. El Pueblo
Alozaina. El Pueblo
Alozaina. El Pueblo
Alozaina. Jorox charco de la caldera



According to National Government guidelines of the Junta of Andalucía and due to the situation created by the coronavirus (COVID-19), with the intention of preventing its spreading to the population, the Mayor of the Alozaina Townhall, is putting in place the preventive measures to be adopted from today Thursday 12th March:

Citizens summoned to manage any request by email or by phone, calls will be handled between the times of 11am and 1pm at the Townhall to process personal affairs exclusively urgent. These measures are being adopted to protect the most vulnerable population.

To request any document or information, please use the following:
. Webpage
. E mail
. By phone 
952480013 (calls)
621367603 (calls and Whatsapp)

All cultural, sporting and educational activities are suspended; all public spaces remain closed to the public except the Townhall.

Lastly, a call to keeping calm and for the preventive measures to be respected for the common good.

The Spanish Health system has shown great professionalism performance, with total guarantee of containing and overcoming the present crisis.

Equally, it is not recommended that hoaxes and notices unconfirmed by official institutions should be shared.

Written in Alozaina, at the date of the electronic signature.